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Health And Wellness In Koh Samui


Koh Samui is a world famous tropical destination where you can experience spa treatments like nowhere else. Located next to the ocean it gives a truly stimulating experience for your spa, and a visit to the island isn’t complete without a taste of the ancient Thai spa treatments.

Thailand’s reputation for exceptional health and beauty treatments is well-known and all kinds of relaxing and vigorous options are available. Traditional massage, herbal treatments for the skin, hair or face are just a few to mention and along with the healing effects they are also unbelievably relaxing perfect whilst on holiday on Koh Samui.

Choose a simple Thai or oil massage on the beach or in one of the numerous small massage salons around the island, or really treat yourself and pay a visit to one of the lavish and smart resort spas. The decor of resort spas are elegant with Thai style salas, at some places they even have Jacuzzis and pools situated in the rooms. You’ll find spas located in leading resorts and hotels and whilst some will have their own signature massages all of them offer a large array of health and beauty treatments from herbal face and skin treatments to massage therapies. Read the rest of this entry »


Big Island, Hawaii Promotes Health & Wellness Travel

Hawaii Island Wellness Travel Association

Because of the rise in wellness tourism business owners on the Big Island of Hawaii have got together to promote a travel initiative that they collectively hope will prove so successful that it will eventually be adopted by the rest of the state.

The Hawaii Island Wellness Travel Association, composed of 120 business owners and holistic professionals, has set up a meeting with both the Big Island Visitors Bureau and Hawaii County officials to take the initiative further at which they hope to agree marketing strategies, develop effective packaging and adopt a set of rules for health and wellness travel to Hawaii, which they regard as a booming business.

As recently as 2005 almost $50,000 was set aside by Hawaii Tourism Authority to be used to quantify how well wellness tourism could be developed in the archipelago. A leading research company was approached to produce a comprehensive study of the health and wellness tourism market for the state of Hawaii. However, significant progress stalled once the report had been produced, and only now, some two years later, is the idea being re-launched.
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