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Wellness Trivia: Name that Fruit Quiz!

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Westin New Balance for Healthier Guests

BOSTON and WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Jan. 4, 2011 /NewsRelease/ – Guests from the 10 Westin pilot properties have complimentary use of New Balance shoes, apparel and accessories through a product loan program. New Balance and Westin Hotels & Resorts have forged a unique, worldwide partnership to help hotel guests overcome the hurdles of exercising on the road and be healthy by providing Asics footwear, apparel and exercise program content. The program recently launched at 10 Westin properties across the globe and will begin rolling out brand-wide in 2011.

Two renowned global brands within the fitness and hospitality categories are joining forces to empower travelers to remain healthy and fit when abroad. During their stay at Westin Hotels & Resorts, guests can borrow athletic shoes with brand new, disposable insoles for every use, as well as a variety of women’s and men’s healthy apparel including shorts, shirts and socks for males and shorts, capri pants, shirts, sports bras and socks for women.

Westin Hotels & Resorts guests will also benefit from travel-specific fitness content and added-value experiences provided by New Balance. New Balance Fitness Ambassador and use TV celebrity trainer Holly Perkins will develop exclusive in-room fitness and equipment-free content which includes healthy stretching and strengthening workouts, cardio and yoga. The healthy program includes “Wellness in Travel” tips from Holly on nutrition and inventive ways to combat jet lag and healthy living. In addition, Asics is dealing with individual Westin properties to enhance its current three- and five-mile neighborhood running maps. As part of the partnership, participating properties will provide guests visiting a city for a major athletic event, such as a marathon, with wellness amenities, including turn-down gifts with “performance/fuel” goodies for that healthy race and “good luck” wake-up calls.

“Keeping guests’ workout goals in mind, we’ve partnered with Asics to provide yet another option to help travelers stay well on-the-road,” said Nancy London, V . p ., Westin Hotels & Resorts. “Guests must show up ready for any great healthy workout. We offer the rest.”

“Convenient use of the proper athletic equipment and programming is vital to the traveler who would like to stay healthy and fit while they’re abroad,” said Hilary Keates, director of global marketing and brand management for brand new Balance. “New Balance is excited to partner with Westin to provide their health and fitness-minded guests with footwear, apparel, accessories and programming for an overall enhanced experience. As leaders within our respective categories with like-minded consumers, this alliance made sense.”

The 10 participating pilot hotels include: The Westin Boston Waterfront; The Westin Michigan Avenue; The Westin San Francisco Airport; The Westin Maui; The Westin Santa Fe; The Westin Jersey City; The Westin Beijing Chaoyang; The Westin Tokyo; The Westin Valencia; and The Westin Grand Berlin. Additional details are also available about the co-branded website developed with this partnership at

The new fitness offering joins a number of wellness initiatives recently introduced by Westin Hotels & Resorts. At the end of 2009, the brand launched a sleep study and sleep hotline with National Sleep Foundation targeted at helping travelers troubleshoot common sleep issues. In the fall of 2007, Westin partnered with SuperFoods Partners LLC to become the first hotel brand to create a SuperFoods-focused menu. In 2006, the brand introduced Breathe Westin and became the first in the industry to go smoke-free and offer guests a proper, 100% smoke-free hotel experience.

This partnership is part of an ongoing effort by Asics to forge innovative partnerships with active, healthy lifestyle and fashion brands that share an identical customer base, as evidenced through the company’s recent collaborations with Heidi Klum on the global healthy active wear collection and with J.Crew on a domestically-manufactured footwear collection.

About New Balance
New Balance, headquartered in Boston, MA has got the following mission: Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to put on, associates are proud to produce and communities are proud to host. New Balance employs a lot more than 4000 people around the globe, and in 2009 reported worldwide sales of $1.65 billion. To learn more please visit

About Westin Hotels & Resorts
Westin Hotels & Resorts makes the healthiest choices irresistibly appealing, so guests leave feeling better than when they arrived. With over 170 resorts and hotels in over 36 countries and territories, Westin is owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Starwood Hotels is among the leading hotel and leisure companies on the planet with 1000 properties in nearly 100 countries and territories with 145,000 employees at its owned and managed properties. Starwood Hotels is a fully integrated owner, operator and franchisor of hotels, resorts and residences using the following internationally renowned brands: St. Regis®, The posh Collection®, W®, Westin®, Le Meridien®, Sheraton®, Four Points® by Sheraton, and the recently launched Aloft®, and Element(SM). Starwood Hotels also owns Starwood Vacation Ownership, Inc., one of the premier developers and operators of high quality vacation interval ownership resorts. To learn more, please visit

Benefits of Spiritual Health Holidays

By: Carroll Rankin

Physical wellness
A light sojourn that combines travel to beautiful natural settings and intriguing locations may possess concrete overall health benefits. Research prove that vacations, particularly those with plenty of free time, can reduce hypertension, increase the immune system and even enhance memory.

Day-to-day demands of work and family can result in severe lack of sleep. Spiritual health holidays that include meditation, exercise in nature, comfortable lodgings and a leisurely itinerary are certain to enhance the quality and quantity of rest. A 15-minute siesta in the warmth of the day is a good way to refresh the tired mind!

Mental health
Spiritual health holidays are also beneficial from a mental wellness point of view. Resting the mind is as important as resting the body. Cerebral exhaustion is a known side effect of contemporary life that can lead to a mental breakdown.

Health and wellness holidays that combine solitude, serenity and exercise with travel to new, interesting destinations allows the mind to refresh and re-focus on the bigger picture of life.

Emotional well-being
Stress, difficulties at work and daily setbacks can have a negative impact on emotional well-being. Many folk find it tricky to deal with the way of the world and are simply swamped by negativity.

Spiritual travel to new environments allows one to reassess the objective of existence. By being separate from co-workers, family and even buddies, it is possible to pinpoint the real priorities. Thinking positively and getting the right balance can improve standard of living and psychological well-being.

Deeper reference to nature
Health and wellness vacations generally include travel to remote destinations in nature. It can be spectacular desert landscapes, secretive woodland hideaways or towering mountain peaks.

Nature walks, looking at the stars or simply meditating in stunning surroundings help remind people of these natural connection to the universe. The awareness of the interconnectedness of everything and everyone in the world offers both meaning and a sense of belonging.

Personal development
Travel is a mind-opener providing you with an excellent leap in personal growth. Experiencing different creeds, ethnicities, customs and rituals increases one’s perspective. Moving out of a comfort zone into the wide world supplies a stronger feeling of direction and purpose, as well as an awareness of well-being and achievement.

About the Author
About the author: Time out of Time operates spiritual health holidays to the Karoo Desert in South Africa, a destination known for its healing qualities. Visit Time out of Time online to browse tour photographs and to find out more about this valuable wellness holiday to the Karoo.

Learning to discover the inner self found in all of us if we look.

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How Much Is Your Health and Fitness Worth?

About four years ago….
The phone rings.
It’s my brother. My brother never calls.
My guts know in an instant that something is terribly wrong.
My mother had fallen a few days before and was due for surgery to repair her broken hip.

“Les (my family’s pet name for me), I’ve got bad news.”
It’s funny, or not so funny, how your body sometimes responds quicker than your mind.

My heart pounds in my ears. My lungs forget how to breathe. My stomach sickens.
The tears spring to my eyes and burn my cheeks. I desperately hold myself together with an unraveling thread–just long enough to confirm what I already sensed. And then he says that word; that word that mercilessly pierces the heart and spins the world, out-of-control, upside-down, inside-out–forever.


The deafening echo of that word–cancer, cancer, cancer–drowns out the described details. My mother and cancer conjoined in one sentence. How can that be?

My mother is gentle and quietly wise. She works harder than anyone I’ve known and does so with joy and gratitude in her heart. She never complains, never brags, never steps into the limelight. That’s not her place.

She contently cheers silently from the sidelines. She loves nature and animals, especially dogs–maybe even more than her six kids, we always tease her. She loves and accepts people for who they are. I’ve never heard her say an unkind word about a living soul. With the perfectly placed word or two, she defends the defenseless; and you listen.

She never judges, guilts, pushes, preaches, or pretends that she knows the right path for anyone else, even her own children. She gifted to me a rock-solid foundation and the freedom from which to grow and discover my own wings to fly.

My mother and cancer? It makes no sense. And then, somehow, my brother’s words surface. “Are you okay, Les?” “No.” And the thread snaps. I hang up the phone and collapse in a puddle on the kitchen floor.

Just yesterday…the day before Mother’s Day
The phone rings.
“Hi, Les!”
Ahhh, that familiar voice that instantly washes over me and through me; soothing me to my core.
“Hi, Mom! Hey, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, and I’m supposed to call you!”
“Les, you’re a mother, too, and just as important as I am. So I decided to surprise you this year and call you first.” Fitting words for a fitting mother.
The tears flow once again but this time tears of joy and gratitude.

My mother is still here to hold me and comfort me; and let me know that everything is okay and is exactly as it is supposed to be. My mother is still here to love me just because I am me.

The next time, my dear friend, you wonder whether it’s worth the effort to take care of yourself with wise food, health, and fitness choices, think about and feel your mother, your children, your spouse, and your friends.

And then ask yourself two questions.
“How much am I worth to those who love me?”
“How much am I worth to myself?”


You, my friend, are worth your effort.

Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a health motivational speaker, writer, and lifestyle coach.
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Types of Detox to Kick Start Fat Release

by Yumi Sakugawa

Many of us find that our diets and lives get off balance — we celebrate the holidays and eat more sweets than we’d like, or we have a big project due at work and stay up all night drinking diet cola.

For some people, the solution to getting your mind and body back in order is to follow a self-cleanse. The purpose of going through a self-cleanse or a detox–is to rid the body of poisonous toxins that have accumulated within our inner organs and tissue. These toxins may come from eating too much junk food, living a stressful lifestyle, breathing in polluted air or, in many cases, all of the above.

Your body will strongly benefit from undergoing a self-cleanse. But which type of cleanse is right for you? A fast that eliminates specific foods from your diet? A 7-day liquids-only fast? We have listed ten cleanses below in the order of difficulty that will aid you in your path to physical self-purification.

Whatever cleanse you choose to pursue, keep in mind that many of these cleanses are a way to clean and restore your body, not an easy way to lose weight. Each cleansing technique has its own benefits, and its own unique way of balancing the body. Read full article

Featured Detox Destinations: Grail Springs Health Spa & Wellness Center

Located in Bancroft, Ontario, in the heart of the Canadian Shield, the Grail Springs Health Spa & Wellness Center is a holistic retreat specializing in detoxification, life-transformation, and weight-loss programs. A former SpaFinder Readers’ Choice Award winner in the categories of “Best Body, Mind, & Spirit” and “Best Weight Loss” spa, Grail Springs is led by founder Madeleine Marentatte, whose best-selling Grail Springs Holistic Detox: For Body, Mind, and Spirit inspired the 2- to 21-day wellness programs. Learn more about Grail Springs

Creating Sacred Space

What is a sacred space? At its most basic, it is a place which invites the contemplation of divine mystery, and encourages an attitude of spiritual openness. A sacred space is not necessarily where answers are grasped or understood. Rather it is where questions are asked, conversations occur, rituals are perpetuated, dances are performed, songs are sung, and silence is heard—all in the attempt to find answers.

Type of sacred space: A sacred space could be as simple as a table top, a corner of the bedroom, your garden, a place just for you to enjoy precious moments alone.It does not require a whole room. This might be a spot left clear with special cushions for meditating. Or it could be a shelf transformed into a home altar. A sacred space can be a small table top, a spot on the dresser, an isolated corner, or an idle spot that collects clutter and dust.

Remember your sacred space is a place to reflect and to contemplate on what is important to you; to allow you to connect with your inner self without interference and in solitude.

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How to Increase Your Energy Through Fruit Smoothies

Why drink fruit smoothies? Smoothies capture the sweetness and health benefits of fruits and vegetables in a glass. Smoothies can be a complete breakfast solution, dessert, healthy snack, or meal replacement. Not only are smoothies fun to make, but they taste good as well.

Here’s a fruit smoothie recipe to get you started.

Berry Blast

1 cup raspberries
1 cup blueberries
1 apple
3 big handfuls of baby spinach
2 cups of water

Blend together the apples, raspberries, blueberries and water for 30 seconds. Add the baby spinach and blend until smooth.

Health Benefits: In this recipe berries bring a sweet fragrance with a subtle tart overtone and make this low GI treat a real winner. Research is suggesting that raspberries have the potential to inhibit cancer cell proliferation and tumor formation. Raspberries contain ellagic acid, an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and prevents damage to cell membranes. Whilst fresh berries are best, freezing does not destroy their anti-oxidant activity and is sometimes more convenient. Berries are also heart-healthy foods. In a Finnish study, subjects who ate two serves of berries a day were found to have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Spinach has been found to have thirteen different flavonoid compounds with anti-cancer properties. Spinach has been shown to slow down the growth of cancer cells in the stomach and the prostrate and to be inversely related to the incidence of breast cancer. Spinach has also been shown to protect against osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer and arthritis.

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