What is a Spiritual Retreat?

A spiritual retreat is more than just a vacation. A typical vacation may leave you feeling more burned out than when you left. This may be the result of overindulging, from rushing back and forth or from trying to squeeze as many sites of interest as possible into a short time frame.

A true spiritual vacation on the other hand is a time for renewal and regeneration of the spirit, mind and body. Spiritual retreats create an environment to affirm your commitment to spiritual priorities. There are usually no televisions, phones, laptops or other distracting gadgets. In solitude you are able to nourish your life with silence, meditation and prayer.

A spiritual retreat might be something that you want to do alone. Alone you’ll find more time for contemplation and far less distractions. However, you may also want to consider spending time with others in a small group. There are small groups that make spiritual journeys, attend motivational functions, practice yoga, volunteering and the like. These too are beneficial.

Here are some suggestions for a spiritual vacation that can be a time of healing and renewal.

  1. Visit a place that represents spiritual power for you
  2. Immerse yourself in natural beauty – i.e., Sedona, Yellowstone, Peru, or Costa Rica
  3. Spend time in meditation. Some choose to be silent for a day. Others may choose to journal.
  4. Take a hike. Walk on the beach; let the sound of the waves soothe your mind and the ocean air revitalize your body.
  5. Engage is periodic fasting. Retreat from eating, giving your body a much needed break. A water or juice fast releases all the energy that normally goes into the digestive process, for the purpose of cleansing, healing stress, and reflection.

Do something you’ve never done. Go somewhere you never been. Maybe combine both! Upon return, you should feel refreshed and relaxed.

Spiritual Retreat Tools

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