Best Spa Cuisine Thailand: Chiva-Som

Chiva-Som has won many international awards for outstanding spa cuisine, notably SpaFinder Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Best Spa Cuisine and the Spa Asia Crystal Award for Best Spa Cuisine Menu. Your culinary senses will be treated when you check in to Chiva-Som.

Chiva-Som’s concept is to provide healthy cuisine but with so many flavors you will never notice it’s good for you! Chiva-Som will introduce you to the freshest produce delicately mixed with fresh herbs and spices to create flavors that will scintillate the senses and create delicious dining experiences. Its view of spa cuisine is that the moderation should be in the ingredients, not the flavor.

Thai Spa Cuisine Cookbook by Chiva Som

Chiva-Som chefs create daily menus to offer the widest range of dishes to suit a healthy lifestyle while satisfying your appetite. They include the tenderest steaks, the tastiest lamb, the softest chicken, the most delicate fish and the freshest vegetables combined with local herbs and spices to produce great tasting dishes.

Chiva-Som’s philosophy is that its guests should take away not just a memory but also an experience which is why all of its dishes can be made at home using ingredients that can be purchased anywhere. They offer spa cooking classes and the Chiva-Som cookbook where the secrets of a healthy diet can be learned and applied at home.


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