Wellness Travel is Here to Stay!

As a travel agent who specializes in health and wellness travel, I follow the news and trends in this niche closely. Ever hear someone say, “I want to be less healthy”? Neither have I.

Wellness Travel is becoming increasingly popular as predicted by SpaFinder. SpaFinder listed Wellness Tourism at #7 in its Top 10 Global Spa Trends to Watch in 2010.

What is Wellness Travel? Wellness Travel simply put is traveling with the intent of preserving your health. This may entail your mind, body, and spirit or purpose, meaning and priorities. Wellness Travel may range from visiting a wellness vacation center or destination spa, participating in a yoga retreat or traveling to receive medical treatment.

Wellness Travel has taken center stage as we approach new milestones in history:

  1. Healthcare Reform: Employers and governmental entities have taken notice on the importance and benefits of wellness travel for its employees and have moved to start their own wellness programs.
  2. “Baby Boomers” are entering into retirement age where wellness and longevity has become increasingly important.
  3. Wellness Gone Global: Wellness issues have gained global notoriety with foreign countries investing heavily in this area. (i.e. Thailand, China, India, Bali)

With the increase in Wellness Travel notoriety, more treatment options are becoming available as suppliers contest to serve the health conscious public. Are you planning a wellness travel event this year? You may want to consider a Wellness Vacation this year as traveling to make lifestyle changes become popular.

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