Benefits of Spiritual Health Holidays

By: Carroll Rankin

Physical wellness
A light sojourn that combines travel to beautiful natural settings and intriguing locations may possess concrete overall health benefits. Research prove that vacations, particularly those with plenty of free time, can reduce hypertension, increase the immune system and even enhance memory.

Day-to-day demands of work and family can result in severe lack of sleep. Spiritual health holidays that include meditation, exercise in nature, comfortable lodgings and a leisurely itinerary are certain to enhance the quality and quantity of rest. A 15-minute siesta in the warmth of the day is a good way to refresh the tired mind!

Mental health
Spiritual health holidays are also beneficial from a mental wellness point of view. Resting the mind is as important as resting the body. Cerebral exhaustion is a known side effect of contemporary life that can lead to a mental breakdown.

Health and wellness holidays that combine solitude, serenity and exercise with travel to new, interesting destinations allows the mind to refresh and re-focus on the bigger picture of life.

Emotional well-being
Stress, difficulties at work and daily setbacks can have a negative impact on emotional well-being. Many folk find it tricky to deal with the way of the world and are simply swamped by negativity.

Spiritual travel to new environments allows one to reassess the objective of existence. By being separate from co-workers, family and even buddies, it is possible to pinpoint the real priorities. Thinking positively and getting the right balance can improve standard of living and psychological well-being.

Deeper reference to nature
Health and wellness vacations generally include travel to remote destinations in nature. It can be spectacular desert landscapes, secretive woodland hideaways or towering mountain peaks.

Nature walks, looking at the stars or simply meditating in stunning surroundings help remind people of these natural connection to the universe. The awareness of the interconnectedness of everything and everyone in the world offers both meaning and a sense of belonging.

Personal development
Travel is a mind-opener providing you with an excellent leap in personal growth. Experiencing different creeds, ethnicities, customs and rituals increases one’s perspective. Moving out of a comfort zone into the wide world supplies a stronger feeling of direction and purpose, as well as an awareness of well-being and achievement.

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